What should you pay attention to before buying a smartphone?

Whoever you are, whatever you do, it is your pocket that connects the world. A good smartphone can help you do more and be more productive. This is your ultimate guide to buying the best smartphone for you.

Operating Systems

Operating System (OS) is a system software that enables mobile phones, tablets, computers and other devices to run applications and programs. Currently, there are two main functions in mobile phones: iOS and Android.

Apple uses this specifically to support its iPhones. pre-installed apps like Apple Maps, Apple Music, FaceTime, Safari and more. App Stores: More than 1 million downloadable apps. Easily syncs with other Apple devices (iPad, Apple Watch, Apple Mac and Apple TV) Siri voice assistant Limited customization

Android is used by many brands such as Samsung, Google and Nokia. Google Play Store: More than 1 million downloaded applications. Easily syncs with other devices such as Android tablets and Google smart technology. Google Voice Assistant. It is open to customization.


Create memories that last forever with a great camera. One of the most important things most of us think about when buying a mobile phone is whether it can take good photos. Smartphone cameras now not only take social media-worthy photos, but they also play an important role in making you look good while working at home.

Camera Hardware

Cameras are usually measured in megapixels MP. Cameras with more megapixels can generally take larger photos. But MP is just a metric to measure camera quality. Image quality is a combination of good photosensitive material, good lenses and image processing software.
Do not buy a smartphone because of the number of megapixels its camera offers. Instead, focus on the quality of the sensor, the quality of the lens, and the ability to take good photos in low light. Megapixels are important when you want to print large images or crop images
without compromising image quality.

Ultra Wide Angle Lens


Wide-angle and ultra-wide-angle lenses allow you to capture wide range, providing a unique perspective for your shots.
It is ideal for landscape and city photography.

Pop-up Selfie Camera


Pop-up selfie camera and other models have a strong body that will provide more images without a notch while offering quality. one Ideal for selfie lovers and those who prefer frameless displays and display-less displays,
It offers a frameless display for better viewing.



Delivers excellent imaging, allowing efficient recording of 4K video quality at a reasonable price.
Ideal for video bloggers.

Multiple Camera Setup


Dual cameras have now become the norm, but some phones now come with triple and quad camera setups, adding a new dimension to your photography experience.
Ideal for street and fashion influencers.

Optical Image Stabilization


Mechanism reduces image blur and delivers better, clearer images.
It is good for photos and videos.

Camera Software

Mobile phone screen size is measured diagonally; It is usually measured in inches, sometimes centimeters.
The size of the screen at the moment!

4-5 Inches

4-5 inches is great for making phone calls, basic web browsing and using social media.

5-6 Inches

It is perfect for heavy web browsing, email, heavy social media use, casual gaming and editing. 5-6 inches 6 inches or more
It is ideal for heavy video editing, heavy gaming, separate tasks, e-reading and movie watching.

Display Modes

Although there are many types of display panels, viewing angles and printing colors are critical to good visibility and excellent readability. Color reproduction refers to the viewers ability to reproduce the original colors of images you view on your phone. This is important when taking photos and videos or streaming your favorite video(s).
Viewing angle refers to the maximum viewing angle that a mobile phone with clear vision
can see. Beyond the viewing angle the image will appear blurry, low contrast and low

LCD Screen
Vailable in HD and Full HD resolution, this screen is best for basic web browsing, basic social media usage, etc. 
The viewing angle and colour reproduction ability of this display type is average.

Available in Full HD and FHD+ resolution, this screen is best for heavy web browsing, Email, heavy social media usage, basic gaming, and editing. 
The viewing angle and colour reproduction ability of this display type is good.

Available in QHD and UHD resolution, this screen is best for heavy video editing, heavy gaming, split-screen work, e-reading, and watching movies. 
The viewing angle and colour reproduction ability of this display type is best.

Available in Full HD, QHD and UHD resolution, this screen is best for video editing, gaming, split-screen work, e-reading, and watching movies.
The viewing angle and colour reproduction ability of this display type is really good.

Available in HD, Full HD and QHD resolution, this screen is best for video editing, gaming, e-reading, and watching movies.
The viewing angle and colour reproduction ability of this display type is
extremely good.

Choose the Right Memory and Do What You Love!

Random Access Memory or RAM is the part of your phone that stores the operating system, applications and data in use. The higher the amount of RAM, the faster your applications will open and run smoothly. It also helps to switch between many applications without ads.

Random Access Memory or RAM up to 4GB
It is perfect for making phone calls, basic web browsing, and basic social media use.

It is ideal for intensive web browsing, emailing, social media and casual gaming.

It is perfect for intensive video watching, gaming and e-reading.

It is ideal for heavy gaming, discrete work and video editing.

It is ideal for heavy video viewing, intense gaming, video editing and discrete tasks.

Increase your Performance with the Best Processor!

The performance of your smartphone depends on your processor. This system powers everything you do on your phone: surf the web, stream your favorite shows, or run apps. The better your processor, the smoother your experience will be.

Snapdragon is the industry leader known for its premium design quality and performance. It is divided into Series 4, Series 6, Series 7 and Series 8, which support 5G.

Taiwanese companies producing excellent environments. The most important chipsets are the 5G-ready Helio and Dimensity processors.

Apple only produces chipsets for its product ecosystem. The latest A14 Bionic and A15 Bionic processors already support 5G.

Samsung Exynos mobile processors power phones from high-end Galaxy S models to affordable J series models. The latest version, Exynos 2100, also supports 5G.

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